What is the my cost to use the 13 destination vacation offer?

A $10.00 registration fee and room taxes of less than $12 to 15 per night depending on the resort city selected. That’s an average of just $9.00 per person per night for 1st class accommodations in their choice of resort cities

Do I have to purchase airfare or attend any sales presentation to receive this offer?


What do I have to pay if I select Las Vegas and what type of rooms are available in Las Vegas?

You pay only the room taxes which are usually never more than $12.00  per night. You are guaranteed to stay at a major Hotel Casino if you select Las Vegas.

What type of rooms are available in the other resort cities?

Since we deal with so many hotels as a room broker, we can only guarantee that you will receive deluxe accommodations. Remember, we make no money unless we can rebook you as a paying customers for future travel.

What are the blackout dates on these vacations?

The week before or after any major holiday. Weekends also require a small surcharge.

How long do I have to use the vacation once I issue it?

Once you place your reservation by sending in the certificate you have 1 year to travel.

I sent my certificate in but haven’t heard anything?

If you have not selected a date you will not hear anything until you let them know when you want to travel.

This offer does not involve any timeshare presentations. We simply introduce people to deluxe hotels for just the cost of the room tax on their first visit. We offer them the opportunity to return as many times as they wish in the future at a discounted rate by booking through our company. Not valid for group travel or conventions.

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